How To Hide Files & Folders Inside Calculator On Android

How To Hide Files & Folders Inside Calculator On Android

We all have some secret Images, Videos, Documents on our Android smartphone that we don't want to show everyone.There are so many methods to hide important files on android but this method is something different.This method is different because we are going to hide files inside a calculator.Yes, Calculator!We are going to use a calculator called "Smart Hide Calculator".You can hide images, videos, and personal documents inside this calculator.You can easily access your hidden files, you just need to enter your password and then press "=" button to access your hidden files.I am sure you will like it.So let's start.....

How To Hide Your Private Files Inside Calculator App On Android Smartphone

Step 2: Now Open Smart Hide Calculator and set a new password.Remember this password because this password will let you unlock your hidden files.

Step 3: After completing password setup you will see a fully functional calculator on the screen.
Step 4: Now just enter password and press "=" to Hide/Unhide files.
Step 5: After entering your password you will see Hide Files and Unhide Files option.

Step 6: Now select Hide Files option and then select the Folder or Individual files you want to hide.

Step 7: Press OK.Now you have hidden your files inside calculator.
Now if you want to Unhide Files then repeat Step 4 and select Unhide Files option.

Smart Hide Calculator Password Reset
If you forget your password then your can reset your password using this password 123456789+987654321.

I think this the best method to hide your personal files because everyone doesn't know this process.So hide your personal files inside android calculator.

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