Simple SEO Tips To Improve Your Blog Ranking

SEO Tips

You have an awesome blog but visitor in your blog is too low.Do you want to increase visitor your blog?If yes then this post going to help you.It may be quite hard to do.What you need to do now is bring people to your blog.For this, you need to learn SEO or Search Engine Optimization.In the era of blogging and online marketing SEO is important.Bloggers and online marketers are now spending more time on learning Search Engine Optimization so that they can rank their blog on the top of search engines like Google and Yahoo.However, there are so many ways in order to increase your SEO and potentially rank higher on the search engines.I know you have followed so many methods to improve your blog.But I am sharing some Simple SEO Tips To Improve Your Blog Ranking.I'm sure you will get a better result after improving these silly things.........

What you need to do.....

  • Provide Useful, high quality, relevant content
  • Build Backlink
  • Increase Page load speed
  • Optimize Image
  • Optimize your Blog for Mobile Users

Useful, High Quality, Relevant Content

Write Useful, high quality and content that are related to your blog niche.A Quality Content is not a long and boring post it should be useful and informative so that users can easily understand and grab the information what you want to tell in your article.When you write High-quality content your blog, users will spend more time to read your post and for gathering information, It will increase the Dwell Time.Now you might think What Is Dwell Time..?look at below definition.

Dwell Time: Dwell time is the actual length of time that a visitor spends on a page before returning to the SERP.

When users spend more time on your blog because of Dwell Time ranking of your blog increases on Search Engine.
Based on this, an article between 1500-2000 words ranks high on Search Engine.But don't do keyword stuffing to make the post longer.So you need to focus on your article also.

Link Building

Building backlink is the main part of SEO of your blog.This can be the reason for your blogging success.But if your content is not good and if you make millions of backlink then again your blog rank will be at zero position.Because of Pogo Sticking and Bounce Rate so don't make backlink from any blog or website try to make backlink from your content related blogs.Backlinks are two types Dofollow and Nofollow both are important.

Know more about Backlink here

These days, one of the most important type of link building that we are all neglecting is “Internal link building” which is greatly important and it can be the magic you need to boost your blog posts rankings.Internal link building makes users busy on your blog.

Increase Page Load Speed

Google and other search engines consider page loading speed and user experience into in their website ranking algorithm.If your website loading speed is low users will leave your site.It can hurt on Dwell Time which can increase Pogo Sticking and Bounce rate.So you should optimize your site load speed.

For Optimizing your Blog/Website load speed you should use W3 Total Cache plugin if you using WordPress.But for BlogSpot, there is no plugin you need to minify CSS and JavaScript in your template read this guide to Optimize BlogSpot blog Speed.

Image Optimization

Image optimization is also an important part of SEO.When you add images to your blog you should optimize it.Apart from image file format and sizing, there are other ways you can make your image search engine friendly.
You should use.....Image File Name, alt tag, title, description and caption in your image then image will be optimized image.
Alt Tag: It is the text that the search engine uses to understand images.
Here you see the below example

<img src="SEO-tips.png" alt="SEO tips" />

As you can see SEO-tips.png is the file name and alt tag is SEO tips.When a user performs an image search on google with keyword SEO tips then your image will be visible on the search page, from there you can gain some visitor to your site.
As Search engine spiders are text-based they can't recognize images and videos.So the uses of alt tag helps spiders to recognize an image.

Optimize Your Blog For Mobile Users

Your blog should be optimized for mobile users.Because we all are using mobile most of the time for browsing internet.
Use a responsive theme that can automatically optimize your blog or use a custom theme for mobile users.If you want custom mobile theme then you can use MobilePress plugin or the Jetpack mobile theme feature.

These are the simple SEO tips that I am using now.Share some other SEO tips do you recommend.
I hope you loved this article Simple SEO Tips To Improve Your Blog Ranking.So now please share this post using share buttons below.

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