Pogo Sticking-How It Can Harm On SEO Of Your Blog

If you trying hard to rank on Search Engine but not getting the result then Pogo Sticking Can be the reason behind this.Pogo Sticking is worse compared to Bounce Rate.Maybe you ranked high for a particular keyword later you lose that ranking this is also the effect of Pogo Sticking.Most of the new bloggers are not aware of this effect.
Have you ever heard about Pogo Sticking?
Maybe you have heard but you not taken action to look onto it.In order to rank on search engine, you must need to take action to solve Pogo Sticking problem.Let us learn more about it to get rid of Pogo Sticking..............

What is Pogo Sticking?

Pogo Sticking occurs when a user performs a search on search engine, clicks on a result and very quickly returns to search result page and enters into another link.
This happens when a user performs a search, clicks on a link related to searched keywords if they find that the post is not what they want then returns quickly to search result page.
Let us know more with an example-
If I search How to Minify CSS & JavaScript in Blogger to Speed Up Blog.After search, I will click on a top link but after reading some lines if I realise that this is not what I want then definitely I will back to search result page.Because of this Pogo Sticking occurs.

Reasons Of Pogo Sticking

When your blog or website's rank is high but the content of your website can not satisfy your readers.This is one of the reasons for the occurrence of Pogo Sticking.Check out some common reasons for Pogo Sticking Problem......
  • Spammy Title If the title of the blog post is attractive and the post content describes another thing.Simply the content of the blog post does not match with the title.
  • Grammatical & Spelling Mistakes
  • Website Loading Speed Is slow
  • Use Of Pop Up Ads and too Much Ads
  • Design of Your Blog or Website

Effect Of Pogo Sticking

Because of your higher ranking of your blog when users come to your blog and then leave within 5-10 seconds because of your content then Google and other search engines will notice that your page is ranking erroneously and your rankings will drop.Only due to this problem, you will lose the ranking of your blog.

How to Get Rid Of Pogo Sticking Problem

Getting rid of Pogo Sticking problem is quite easy.Here I am providing some quick tips to avoid this problem.Check out the tips list to get rid of pogo sticking..................

  • Provide point to point content
  • Make your Blog Responsive and Mobile Friendly
  • Post title should be neat(Don't write such post title just for getting Clicks)
  • Your Blog Design Should be clean
  • Focus on Readers satisfaction
  • Don't use Pop-up ads

If you thinking that your blog under pogo sticking.Then this guide will be helpful for you to analyse your blog.....If you have any question ask me on comment box....I am ready to hear from you...

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