How to Restart Google Chrome Quickly

Google chrome is the browser by google, most of us using google chrome.But sometimes we need to restart google chrome.It uses huge RAM when we open few tab in google  chrome it becomes slow to work or stuck on the same tab.
The solution is that you need to uninstall non-essential add-ons and restart your browser.Usually, we restart after closing our browser then we open it again by double click on the application.But chrome also has a special method for restart our browser it is an easy and quick process.

Just go to your browser address bar and type chrome://restart and hit Enter.

Your browser will restart automatically.

Restart Google Chrome Quickly By Making Bookmark:

Make a bookmark to make this chrome restart process fast..

Step 1: Open a new tab in your browser
Step 2: Then Press Ctrl+D for windows and Cmd+D for Mac

Step 3: Now click on Edit on New window.
Step 4: Then Give any name of that bookmark and type chrome://restart in URL box.
Step 5: Now click on save button.

You are all done...Now you can restart your chrome browser quickly by clicking on That Bookmark

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