How To Wipe Data From Stolen Laptop

If you lose your laptop unfortunately and if there was some personal data and you want to secure your data from unauthorised access then you can delete data remotely from your lost or stolen laptop..Nowadays we keep our personal data and media files in our laptop, tablets,mobile these are the places we mostly used to keep our personal data like bank account details, statements and other valuable online account details.When you lost your laptop it can be a dangerous situation to you.Then you need to find a way to wipe or delete data from your stolen laptop so that you can secure your data.

We have included a windows software TheLaptopLock by which you can wipe your data.This software will immediately wipe data from the laptop which you have lost when the laptop gets connected to the internet.

Wipe Data From Your Windows Laptop:

This step by step procedure will help you to wipe data from your stolen laptop.Checkout this full tutorial on How To Wipe Data From Stolen Laptop Remotely
Follow these simple steps to wipe your data....

Steps to Wipe Data From Stolen Laptop:

Step 1: First go to then sign up by Email and Password.

Step 2: Now login into your TheLaptopLock account and add your computer name as shown below.

Step 3: Now copy Computer ID for further use.Then download  TheLaptopLock software from below link.

Step 4:Install TheLaptopLock software.After installing you will get two dialog box LaptopLock and TheLaptoplock Option.In TheLaptopLock Option dialog box enter  Account Email, Computer ID and Password then click on Save

Step 5:To configure TheLaptopLock go to LaptopLock dialog box and click on Security>>Manage Security Plan

Step 6
:Now click on Add Folders button to select file and folders which you want to delete when your laptop is lost or stolen.Then click on Save button

Step 7: Now if you lose your laptop or gets stolen then just you need to go and login with your account and mark as your laptop is missing or stolen.

You are all done...your selected folders and files will be deleted automatically when your stolen laptop gets connected to the internet.

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