How To Use Custom Permalink On Blogger Blog

Use Custom Permalink On Blogger Blog

As BlogSpot platform provides us so many easy to use features for a new blogger.Permalink is also an important feature for improving SEO of your new BlogSpot blog.Most of the new bloggers don't use this feature this permalink feature can increase search engine ranking of your blog.I think you are familiar with On-Page SEO.The use of Permalink Feature is also an On-Page SEO technique.Without working on SEO of your blog you can not expect a good result from search engines.If you modify permalink structure of a particular blog post then you will get a better result from search engine.Before posting any blog post you should spend some time for changing or modifying the permalink of that particular blog post.You can also change the permalink of published blog post.Read the full guide below of this post to change the permalink of a blog post which you have already published.This is a unique feature which makes lots of difference on SEO of your blog.Let us learn more about Custom permalink on Blogger Blog....

What Is Custom Permalink in BlogSpot?

At the time of writing a post on BlogSpot, the full title of that blog post becomes the permalink of that particular post.That permalink may be contained unwanted keywords so that the automatic permalink generated by BlogSpot is very long.The use of custom permalink for removing extra keywords from the by default generated permalink.Let us see the difference between automatic and custom permalink below.....

Automatic Permalink

Custom Permalink

In the second example, the custom permalink is contained only essential keywords.Which play a major role in On-Page SEO of your blog.

How To Use Custom Permalink On Blogger Blog

When you writing a new post you will get Post Settings at the right side of Post Editor.In that there is an option Permalink, this option allows us to remove the unwanted keywords from permalink.
Let us see the steps with an example below......

First Start writing a new post then click on Permalink on the right side of the post editor.

If the title of your blog post is How To Use Custom Permalink On Blogger Blog
then the automatic permalink will be
Change permalink on Blogspot Blog
Now click on Custom Permalink in order to remove unwanted keywords.
After Removing Unwanted Keywords
Change permalink on Blogspot Blog
Then click on Done.Your permalink structure will be changed.Then you publish your post I am sure you will get a better result than earlier.

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