How To Use Pendrive As RAM in Windows XP 7 8 10

Does your computer hangs up during some operation or any programs need more RAM to run? Then you are in the right place here I have a solution for you, now you can use your pendrive as RAM.

If you run number of application at same time then your system will become slow or any application may show Not Responding.To avoid this problem you should upgrade or increase your RAM.
But it is not possible for everyone to upgrade RAM.

To solve your problem easily you can use pendrive as ram to increase RAM.You can convert your pendrive to a virtual RAM to speed up low ram systems.This will not work as the actual device RAM but it can give your better performance.

Follow these few simple steps to use pendrive as ram  ............................

Use Your Pen Drive As RAM To Speed Up Your PC

Use Pendrive As Ram In Windows 7, 8, 10

Step 1: Insert your pendrive and right click on your pendrive.
Step 2: Select Properties now navigate to Readyboost.

Step 3: Now Click on Use this device then allocate memory as your wish.

Step 4: Then click on OK button.

Now you will get a Readyboost file in your pendrive.

If you want to change back to normal state then Click on Do not use this device (Step 3) and then Readyboost file will be deleted automatically from your pendrive.

Use Pendrive As Ram In Windows XP

The Readyboost method is not working on Windows XP.So you can follow the below method to increase RAM using pendrive.

Step 1: Insert your pendrive and right click My Computer.
Step 2: Then go to Properties of My Computer.

Step 3: Then click on Advanced System Setting and now you will get another window System                      Propreties.

Step 4: Then in Advanced tab click on Settings button available in Performance tab.
Step 5:Again you will get another window Performance Option in that click on Advanced.

Step 6: Then in virtual memory box click on Change Button.
Step 7:Now you will get Virtual memory dialog box.Here Uncheck Automatically manage paging file size for all drivers.

Select your pendrive and add Values in Custom Size both initial size and maximum size.

Step 8: Then click on Set button and restart your computer then your pendrive will work as virtual RAM.

Don't forget to Eject your pendrive before removing otherwise it may leads to device damage.

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The Ultimate Guide To Promote Blog Post

Do you want more traffic to your blog?

Are you Struggling to promote your blog? Then you are on right place you will get here some simple ways to promote your blog.

If you have a blog with high-quality content.And you are not getting high traffic then you are missing something to do...

Especially, new bloggers don't know how to promote a blog.If you are also a new blogger then this post will help you to promote your blog and increase organic traffic.

Here I am sharing some simple tips which I am using to promote my blogs.These tips are really useful for a new blogger and easy to implement.

Ways To Promote Blog Post:

Share Your Post On Social Media:

Social media share is the great way to drive traffic to your blog.
So many bloggers are getting huge amount of traffic from social media only.

If you have a good number of followers or likes on your social media profiles or page then it will definitely drive a good amount of traffic to your blog.

So after publishing a new post share you post on various social media profiles.

Share Your Post With Email Subscribers:

Getting traffic from email subscriber is the great and easy way.Every pro bloggers have a huge number of subscriber and they are getting a good amount of traffic from email subscribers only.

So you should enable Email Subscription widget on your blog.

If your blog content is good then readers will subscribe to your blog.So you should write quality and actionable content.

Readers will never subscribe to your blog unless they find your content is useful to them.

Start Guest Posting:

It is an another effective way to Promote Blog post. It will bring you traffic and also help in getting a higher page ranking.

Guest posting is a great way to get your name out there and drive traffic back to your own blog.

If you have good writing skill then you can write guest posts on other blogs related to your niche.Make sure you have included one or two your blog link to that post.

Comment On Other Blogs:

Blog commenting is the essential step to improve your blog ranking.Since backlink is the most important factor for off-page SEO and if you want to run long term blog then you should make backlink through these methods only(Blog commenting & Guest Posting).

Don't make huge backlinks in a single day.You should make backlink daily basis.It will help you to rank your post higher as backlinks are the major thing Google wants for listing your blog.

So make a habit of commenting on other blogs.

Join Forums:

Getting traffic from forums is an excellent way.
Join few forums and when a forum member post any query on the forum then you make a response to that including your blog link.
This increases your backlinks also.
By this way, you can get huge traffic from forums only.

Make A Youtube Channel:

Make a youtube channel with your blog name and explain your blog topic in your videos.
You can also include your blog post URL in the description box of that video.

Because some people prefer to watch videos instead of reading.And you can also monetize your videos with Adsense.
So make your youtube channel now and get some extra traffic.

Submit Your Blog Post To Related Google+ Communities:

After publishing your post you can share your post on related Google+ communities.You can also make your own Community.

Join communities that are related to your blog niche and post your new post link but don't do link spamming.

Post your link on at least 4-5 communities.This way you can increase your traffic.

These are some tips from me which you can use to promote your blog.Share some other tips do you recommend in the comment box.

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Fix Crawl Errors In Google Webmaster Tool

Are you buying paid traffic through Advertising program?No need of buying traffic you can rank high by Search Engine Optimization.Google webmaster tool(GWT) is the best SEO tool for optimizing a blog or website.This will help you to rank better in google search engine.This tool always informs you what is going on with your site.Webmaster Tool regularly displays us the site crawl errors rate and what causes those errors.If site crawl errors occur on your site then you should fix those errors.By fixing those site crawl errors you can rank high on google.

How To Fix Crawl Errors In Google Webmaster Tool.

Types of Site Crawl Errors in Google Webmaster Tool:

In GWT three types of Site Crawl Errors are there.We will touch briefly on all types of site crawl errors.

  • DNS Error
  • Server Connectivity Error
  • Robots.txt fetch Errors

DNS Errors:

When google bots face problem to crawl your site then they report these type of errors to you.These errors are like normal DNS errors occurs in our web browser when our browsers can't open a web address.
These errors may occur when you change hosting provider or name server change.
If you have DNS error on your GWT.For fixing these errors you should contact your hosting provider or you can change your hosting to a better hosting provider.

Server Connectivity Errors:

These type of error occurs when a web page takes too much time to load and times out before loading the page or it may be your server configuration problem and because of this web crawler google bots can't crawl your site.
To fix Site connectivity errors you should control the crawl rate of bots.In GWT you can use URL parameter and Robots.txt file to control your site crawling.
If you are on WordPress, you should use caching plugins like Better Wordpress Minify or W3 Total Cache.

Robots.txt Fetch Errors:

The robots.txt file used to stop indexing certain portion to search engine, this error can occur when your robots.txt file not configured properly.Or it may be, after hiding a page from the search engine it takes some days to remove that page from Search Engine.
In between this process if someone clicks on that page link then this error occurs.

One more error is present in GWT is URL Errors

URL Errors:

In this section of  GWT shows up to 1000 URL Errors.This URL Error occurs when a page or post is deleted from your site but the URL is present on the search engine.It has a negative impact on your users as well as Google Crawler also.
Because when someone clicks on your deleted post URL on Search Engine your site will show 404 error page then he/she will immediately go back to search engine this causes Pogo Sticking and Bounce Rate.This Pogo Sticking and Bounce Rate have big negative impact on SEO of your blog.

So now let's know how to Avoid URL Errors

By Updating Sitemap: When you add a new sitemap to GWT,  then it will crawl URLs present recently on your site.
By Making Redirect To New URL: If you have deleted some Post from your site hen you should make a redirection to a new Post or Page URL.

After completing above steps now you need to Fix URL Errors

To fix these errors go to GWT search console then Crawl>>Crawl Errors
You can see top 1000 URLs Errors on that page.Now Mark on the First checkbox to fix all the URLs at once then Click on MARK AS FIXED.

Now you have done your work......

If you are getting errors consistently on GWT and email from GWT about crawling your site then you should start fixing those errors.

I hope you found this article helpful.
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Simple SEO Tips To Improve Your Blog Ranking

SEO Tips

You have an awesome blog but visitor in your blog is too low.Do you want to increase visitor your blog?If yes then this post going to help you.It may be quite hard to do.What you need to do now is bring people to your blog.For this, you need to learn SEO or Search Engine Optimization.In the era of blogging and online marketing SEO is important.Bloggers and online marketers are now spending more time on learning Search Engine Optimization so that they can rank their blog on the top of search engines like Google and Yahoo.However, there are so many ways in order to increase your SEO and potentially rank higher on the search engines.I know you have followed so many methods to improve your blog.But I am sharing some Simple SEO Tips To Improve Your Blog Ranking.I'm sure you will get a better result after improving these silly things.........

What you need to do.....

  • Provide Useful, high quality, relevant content
  • Build Backlink
  • Increase Page load speed
  • Optimize Image
  • Optimize your Blog for Mobile Users

Useful, High Quality, Relevant Content

Write Useful, high quality and content that are related to your blog niche.A Quality Content is not a long and boring post it should be useful and informative so that users can easily understand and grab the information what you want to tell in your article.When you write High-quality content your blog, users will spend more time to read your post and for gathering information, It will increase the Dwell Time.Now you might think What Is Dwell Time..?look at below definition.

Dwell Time: Dwell time is the actual length of time that a visitor spends on a page before returning to the SERP.

When users spend more time on your blog because of Dwell Time ranking of your blog increases on Search Engine.
Based on this, an article between 1500-2000 words ranks high on Search Engine.But don't do keyword stuffing to make the post longer.So you need to focus on your article also.

Link Building

Building backlink is the main part of SEO of your blog.This can be the reason for your blogging success.But if your content is not good and if you make millions of backlink then again your blog rank will be at zero position.Because of Pogo Sticking and Bounce Rate so don't make backlink from any blog or website try to make backlink from your content related blogs.Backlinks are two types Dofollow and Nofollow both are important.

Know more about Backlink here

These days, one of the most important type of link building that we are all neglecting is “Internal link building” which is greatly important and it can be the magic you need to boost your blog posts rankings.Internal link building makes users busy on your blog.

Increase Page Load Speed

Google and other search engines consider page loading speed and user experience into in their website ranking algorithm.If your website loading speed is low users will leave your site.It can hurt on Dwell Time which can increase Pogo Sticking and Bounce rate.So you should optimize your site load speed.

For Optimizing your Blog/Website load speed you should use W3 Total Cache plugin if you using WordPress.But for BlogSpot, there is no plugin you need to minify CSS and JavaScript in your template read this guide to Optimize BlogSpot blog Speed.

Image Optimization

Image optimization is also an important part of SEO.When you add images to your blog you should optimize it.Apart from image file format and sizing, there are other ways you can make your image search engine friendly.
You should use.....Image File Name, alt tag, title, description and caption in your image then image will be optimized image.
Alt Tag: It is the text that the search engine uses to understand images.
Here you see the below example

<img src="SEO-tips.png" alt="SEO tips" />

As you can see SEO-tips.png is the file name and alt tag is SEO tips.When a user performs an image search on google with keyword SEO tips then your image will be visible on the search page, from there you can gain some visitor to your site.
As Search engine spiders are text-based they can't recognize images and videos.So the uses of alt tag helps spiders to recognize an image.

Optimize Your Blog For Mobile Users

Your blog should be optimized for mobile users.Because we all are using mobile most of the time for browsing internet.
Use a responsive theme that can automatically optimize your blog or use a custom theme for mobile users.If you want custom mobile theme then you can use MobilePress plugin or the Jetpack mobile theme feature.

These are the simple SEO tips that I am using now.Share some other SEO tips do you recommend.
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Backlink-What Are Dofollow and Nofollow Backlinks

Backlinks are the important part of SEO it is a type of link which has a potential to improve the page ranking and the credibility of your website in Google.Every new blogger wants their webpage on the first page of search engine.If you also want to improve your blog then building backlink is the best Off-Page SEO.Whether you are linking to another site or your site is being linked both are important.Usually search engine like Google, webpagesBing has their own algorithm to crawl your webpages.While Search Engine crawling a webpage, the bots crawl all the hyperlinks present on the page.If your site link is present on that page then this will pass link juice to your link and gives a backlink.This Backlink is the main part of SEO.

Backlink Dofollow nofllow links

Let us learn more about backlink, Dofollow, Nofollow links...........

  • What Is Backlink?
  • What Is Nofollow Backlink?
  • What Is Dofollow Backlink?
  • Should You Use Dofollow?

This post will be helpful for a newbie who is new in SEO and also clears your confusion about Dofollow and Nofollow Backlinks.So now lets start....

What Is Backlink?

An incoming link to a webpage is the backlink of that webpage.
When a webpage link back to any particular post or homepage of your site then you will get a backlink.In simple when your webpage link is present on another site then this gives Backlink and passes Link Juice to your site.The more backlink you have you will rank higher in search engine like google, bing etc.
Link Juice: When a site passes link juice to your homepage of your site or any particular post.Link Juice increase ranking of that article and also increase DA(Domain Authority) of your Site.

What Is Nofollow Link?

A Nofollow link is a hyperlink on a web page in which a Nofollow HTML Tag is present.See the example below..

<a href="" rel="nofollow">Nofollow Link</a>
<a href="" rel="external nofollow">Nofollow Link</a>

In the above examples both links are Nofollow because these two links contain rel="nofollow" tag.
These type of links search engine spiders can not crawl but a human can follow these links and you can get traffic from Nofollow links so Nofollow links not pass link juice to your site.

If you want to make entire post Nofollow then you can insert this below code to you post or any webpage.

<meta name="robots" content="nofollow" />
By adding above code you can make all links nofollow present on that webpage.

What is Dofollow Link?

Dofollow links pass link juice.So search engine can crawl Dofollow links.And it helps your site to achieve good page rank.See the below example of Dofollow link...

<a href="">Dofollow Link</a>

As you can see the link does not contain any rel tag in the hyperlink.So the link is Dofollow.This will give you a backlink and passes link juice to your site.If a webpage has linked back to your site then both human and Search engine bots can follow that link.

Should You Use Dofollow?

If you want to use Dofollow on your own website there is no problem.You can also increase readers to your website but the only one problem is if you use Dofollow on your website then there may be increase of SPAM comment on your website and it is hard to detect SPAM comments on your blog or website.

This was about Dofollow and Nofollow Backlink.In order to increase DA(Domain Authority) and page rank of your blog, you should build high-quality Dofollow backlink this means you should get backlinks from related to your blog niche sites.

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Pogo Sticking-How It Can Harm On SEO Of Your Blog

If you trying hard to rank on Search Engine but not getting the result then Pogo Sticking Can be the reason behind this.Pogo Sticking is worse compared to Bounce Rate.Maybe you ranked high for a particular keyword later you lose that ranking this is also the effect of Pogo Sticking.Most of the new bloggers are not aware of this effect.
Have you ever heard about Pogo Sticking?
Maybe you have heard but you not taken action to look onto it.In order to rank on search engine, you must need to take action to solve Pogo Sticking problem.Let us learn more about it to get rid of Pogo Sticking..............

What is Pogo Sticking?

Pogo Sticking occurs when a user performs a search on search engine, clicks on a result and very quickly returns to search result page and enters into another link.
This happens when a user performs a search, clicks on a link related to searched keywords if they find that the post is not what they want then returns quickly to search result page.
Let us know more with an example-
If I search How to Minify CSS & JavaScript in Blogger to Speed Up Blog.After search, I will click on a top link but after reading some lines if I realise that this is not what I want then definitely I will back to search result page.Because of this Pogo Sticking occurs.

Reasons Of Pogo Sticking

When your blog or website's rank is high but the content of your website can not satisfy your readers.This is one of the reasons for the occurrence of Pogo Sticking.Check out some common reasons for Pogo Sticking Problem......
  • Spammy Title If the title of the blog post is attractive and the post content describes another thing.Simply the content of the blog post does not match with the title.
  • Grammatical & Spelling Mistakes
  • Website Loading Speed Is slow
  • Use Of Pop Up Ads and too Much Ads
  • Design of Your Blog or Website

Effect Of Pogo Sticking

Because of your higher ranking of your blog when users come to your blog and then leave within 5-10 seconds because of your content then Google and other search engines will notice that your page is ranking erroneously and your rankings will drop.Only due to this problem, you will lose the ranking of your blog.

How to Get Rid Of Pogo Sticking Problem

Getting rid of Pogo Sticking problem is quite easy.Here I am providing some quick tips to avoid this problem.Check out the tips list to get rid of pogo sticking..................

  • Provide point to point content
  • Make your Blog Responsive and Mobile Friendly
  • Post title should be neat(Don't write such post title just for getting Clicks)
  • Your Blog Design Should be clean
  • Focus on Readers satisfaction
  • Don't use Pop-up ads

If you thinking that your blog under pogo sticking.Then this guide will be helpful for you to analyse your blog.....If you have any question ask me on comment box....I am ready to hear from you...

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How To Use Custom Permalink On Blogger Blog

Use Custom Permalink On Blogger Blog

As BlogSpot platform provides us so many easy to use features for a new blogger.Permalink is also an important feature for improving SEO of your new BlogSpot blog.Most of the new bloggers don't use this feature this permalink feature can increase search engine ranking of your blog.I think you are familiar with On-Page SEO.The use of Permalink Feature is also an On-Page SEO technique.Without working on SEO of your blog you can not expect a good result from search engines.If you modify permalink structure of a particular blog post then you will get a better result from search engine.Before posting any blog post you should spend some time for changing or modifying the permalink of that particular blog post.You can also change the permalink of published blog post.Read the full guide below of this post to change the permalink of a blog post which you have already published.This is a unique feature which makes lots of difference on SEO of your blog.Let us learn more about Custom permalink on Blogger Blog....

What Is Custom Permalink in BlogSpot?

At the time of writing a post on BlogSpot, the full title of that blog post becomes the permalink of that particular post.That permalink may be contained unwanted keywords so that the automatic permalink generated by BlogSpot is very long.The use of custom permalink for removing extra keywords from the by default generated permalink.Let us see the difference between automatic and custom permalink below.....

Automatic Permalink

Custom Permalink

In the second example, the custom permalink is contained only essential keywords.Which play a major role in On-Page SEO of your blog.

How To Use Custom Permalink On Blogger Blog

When you writing a new post you will get Post Settings at the right side of Post Editor.In that there is an option Permalink, this option allows us to remove the unwanted keywords from permalink.
Let us see the steps with an example below......

First Start writing a new post then click on Permalink on the right side of the post editor.

If the title of your blog post is How To Use Custom Permalink On Blogger Blog
then the automatic permalink will be
Change permalink on Blogspot Blog
Now click on Custom Permalink in order to remove unwanted keywords.
After Removing Unwanted Keywords
Change permalink on Blogspot Blog
Then click on Done.Your permalink structure will be changed.Then you publish your post I am sure you will get a better result than earlier.

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Recover Deleted Files From Memory Card & Pendrive

Recover deleted files from your memory cards and pen drives.In the era of technology we use computer in the fields like banking, education, business etc.Generally, we use a memory card,pendrives and computer hard disk to store our data.But for transferring data we use USB Devices like pendrive and memory card also can be used as USB device with a card reader.USB devices can also be used for make bootable pendrive.
But the painful situation is when you lose valuable data or deleted accidentally from your USB device or hard drive.You can lose your data because of so many reasons like-You Formatted your SD card, Accidentally deleted files from your SD card, your SD card is Corrupted, Virus infected and Others.

This tutorial may be a lifesaver for you if you have lost your personal or valuable data.Recovering your personal data is not very big deal there are so many tools available on the internet by which you can recover your lost data.But all those tools are not genuine some of those tools are scams which are made for steal information and some tools are paid data recovery tool.If you do not have the backup of your data and you do not know how to recover then this guide will help you to recover your deleted data here we are giving the best possible method to Recover Deleted Files From Memory Card & Pendrive.

We have included two software for recovering your deleted data EaseUS Data Recovery and Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery.

How To Recover Deleted Data From Memory Card & Pendrive:

Recover files with EaseUS Data Recovery

This software if free but this software has limitation.You can recover up to 500 MB data then you need to buy in order to recover more files.

Steps to Recover Files with EaseUS Data Recovery:

Step 1: First download the recovery tool from below link
and install it.
Step 2: Then Launch EaseUS Data Recovery Tool

Step 3: Now select file type which you want to recover otherwise mark on All File Types.Then Press Next Button.

Step 4: Then mark the disk from where you want to recover.Now click on Scan Button

Step 5: After scanning, you can see all the deleted files.Then mark the files which you want to recover.

Step 6: Now click on Recover button to recover deleted files.Then Select the folder where you want to get back your recovered files.

Recover Files with Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery

This software is paid.You can recover files as much as you want.To download this app go to below link

Steps to Recover Files With Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery:

Step 1: Install and Launch Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery
Step 2: Select any one of Data Recovery Option.If you want recover drive then select Drive Recovery.

Step 3: Then select the drive from where you want to recover then select Deleted Recovery if you want to Recover Deleted Files.

Step 4: Now you can see all the deleted files from that drive then all mark the files which you want to recover.

Step 5: Now click on Recover Button.Your recovered files will be saved.

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If you use another free Software to recover files then put the name on the comment box.